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Our unique range of Powerball tools help you to check past results and pick your numbers for future draws as well as everything in-between.

Based on previous draw data you can analyse overdue numbers, those drawn most often, common pairs and trios or use our Number Investigator tool to sift through the data in even more detail.

Common Combos

Which numbers are drawn together most often? Common Combos shows you the pairs that have come out most in the past.

Common Numbers

Are some balls drawn more than others? Common Numbers shows you the most frequently drawn numbers, and the least common ones too.

Common Trios

Three's company in our Common Trios tool, which shows you the three balls drawn together most often.

Have I Won?

Answer the most important question of all with our tool which checks your numbers against past Powerball draw results.

Hot And Cold

Which numbers are running 'hot' and 'cold'? Our tool shows you those drawn most recently and those overdue to appear.

Last Drawn

If you have a favourite number and want to know when it last appeared this is the tool for you.

Lucky Numbers

Let us help you choose your lucky numbers - our tool will generate multiple sets of Powerball numbers.

Number Couples

Does your favourite number have any 'friends'? Number Couples shows you which other balls are most often drawn alongside each other.

Number Investigator

Our most powerful tool - lots of data, lots of options, letting you make the most informed decision about the numbers you play.

Powerball Number Analysis

Like the Number Investigator; full analysis of the Powerball ball including jackpot wins, frequency and days since it last appeared in a draw.